Our listing options

Benzin allows you to sell your vehicle at the best price, without effort, in 10 days. Fill the form now to be contacted by our team.


The essential tools for a successful auction

  • Dedicated sales expert
  • Custom listing
  • Listing promoted across ou network
  • Secured payment using an escrow account (eligible vehicles)

Listing price

19€ incl. VAT

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The Classic services plus :

  • Pro photos at your place
  • Photo editing
  • Free CarVertical history report

Listing price

149€ TTC

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Do you have several vehicles for sale ? Benzin is the best way to sell large collections of vehicles, whether it is about inheritances, liquidations or simply because you want to make room. No logistics, low fees and an optimized presentation to enhance the valuation of your collection.
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How it works

Before the sale

1. You submit your vehicle by completing the online form

2. Our team contact you and we work together on your sale

3. You pay the listing fee and we publish your listing. It's live !

After the sale

1. The buyer has 7 days to transfer the funds to a secured 3rd party account (vehicles eligible for Secure Payment)

2. The buyer comes to you to get the vehicle

3. The funds are transfered to your Benzin account. Sold !

If you'd like to know more about how it works, read our FAQ

Our prices

When your vehicle is listed

19€ incl. VAT for the standard listing 149€ TTC if you choose the Premium listing with pro photos

If your vehicle is sold

3% excl. VAT (3.6% incl. VAT) on the final price with a minimum of €125 excl. VAT (€150 incl. VAT) and a maximum of €3,000 excl. VAT (€3,600 incl. VAT)

Selling without reserve : 2% excl. VAT (2.4% incl. VAT) on the final price with a minimum of €100 excl. VAT (€120 incl. VAT) and a maximum of €1.000 excl. VAT (€1.200 incl. VAT)

Why you should sell on Benzin

Get the best price

Thanks to our detailed listing, visibility reach all around Europe and auction system, you will get the best price for your vehicle.

Save time

If you follow our recommendations, your vehicle is sold within 10 days. Forget the ghost buyers you traditionally get on other platforms.

Forget about logistics

Your vehicle stays by your side during the sale and we organize transport all over Europe for the buyer.

Secure your sale

Bidders are verified using their credit card and are charged at the end of the auction. You are then certain to get real and serious buyers. Payment is fully secured using an escrow account (eligible vehicles).