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Ford XR3i - 1989

It was during the GTI era, when Golf and R5 Alpine were fighting each other, that Ford launched its XR3i in the battle. With its new 110hp fuel injection engine that only had 900kg to pull, it didn't disappoint. Enjoy here a beautiful example not without flaws but with only 79.000km and a beautiful red dress.

Mileage79,000 km
Box5-speed manual
Motor4 cyl.
Gray cardYes, French
LocationFrance, Lamorlaye (60260)
Reserve PriceYes

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This 1989 Ford XR3i has 79,000 km, a mileage estimated by the owner.


On the outside, this Ford XR3i is in average condition. The original paint has kept a nice color but shows several flaws like deep scratches and chips. The body doesn't show any major deformation but several dents and impacts. There is no corrosion to report except for the battery compartment, which is rusted due to a battery overflow (see gallery). The car is complete and equipped with functional long range lights.


Inside, this Ford XR3i is in good condition. The original cloth upholstery shows no tears or holes, only the driver's seat reinforcement is sagging. The plastics and trim are in very good condition with no cracks, scratches or discoloration. The controls do not show any patina. The car is equipped with a functional sunroof. The instrumentation and equipment are said to work properly.


The mechanics of this XR3i is in very good condition. The 4 cylinders with injection developed 110hp when it left the factory. The owner indicates that he has recently done the distribution and an oil change. The fuel pump and the pressure regulator have been replaced. The 5 speed manual transmission is said to work perfectly, shifting and locking well in each gear.


The 5 original rims are in very good condition, showing only slight varnish defects and dents. 4 new tires have been installed and an alignment has been done. The car is said to drive and brake normally, without making any abnormal noise or showing any imbalance.


The seller is a private individual located in France in Lamorlaye (60) and accepts visits during the sale. The car is sold with a valid technical control.

The seller wished to define a reserve price.

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Auction opening dates: jeudi 25 avril 2019 - 08:00
Auction end date: vendredi 03 mai 2019 - 16:00

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