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Renault R21 Turbo ex BRI - 1993

Everyone knows the R21 Turbo, and it's a generally popular car. But when the BRI's was poking its grille in your mirrors, sirens blaring, you weren't driving at 130! So if you're an old hand at the house, a fan of state vehicles, or have some personal revenge to take, this authentic blue R21 model should please you.

Mileage350,100 km
Motor4 cyl.
Gray cardFrench (normal)
LocationFrance, Roanne (42300)
DeliveryAvailable at an additional cost
Reserve PriceYes


Period report including an interview with one of the owners of this R21 ex BRI (registration 9626 ZD 14, see UTAC report gallery)


This 1993 Renault R21 Turbo of French origin has 350.100 km. It is a vehicle that belonged to the Gendarmerie, and more precisely to the Brigade d'Intervention Rapide (BRI). The seller indicates that the car is in very good general condition, that it has a valid Technical Control and that it has benefited from recent and regular expenses. The R21 Turbo was used by the BRI in France from 1992 to 1995. Detailed UTAC reports, including old plates and serial numbers, are available in the gallery. The seller also has the complete history.

Renault R21 Turbo BRI

On the outside, the car is in very good condition. The paint in its Gendarmerie specific color has only very few visible defects in the gallery. The seller indicates that there are holes in the roof (place for the flashing lights). The exterior plastics and gaskets are in good condition, as well as the optics. The seller indicates that the chassis of this R21 is sound. He also specifies that the car has all these elements of period specific to the vehicles of the BRI.

Renault R21 Turbo BRI

The interior is in very good condition and in its "Gendarmerie" configuration. The velvet upholstery has no tears or holes but shows slight traces of wear. The steering wheel and the dashboard are in very good condition. We note that a plastic of the center console is damaged. The on-board instrumentation and the electrical equipment are working normally.

Renault R21 Turbo BRI

The 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder developed 175 hp when it left the factory. The seller indicates that the mechanics work normally as well as the 5-speed manual transmission. The seller has invoices and CTs according to the car's mileage. Recently, the car has been serviced (oil change, filters, spark plugs and coils), the timing kit, the accessory belts and the crankcase seal have been replaced.

Renault R21 Turbo BRI

The car has its 4 original rims in good condition, with tires in good condition but old. The car brakes normally.

Renault R21 Turbo BRI

The seller is a professional located in France in Roanne (42300) and accepts visits during the sale. The car will be sold with its French registration, a favorable CT of less than 6 months, invoices, a UTAC report and old CT.

The seller indicates that the stickers "gendarmerie" and the "gyrophare" can be removed to circulate on open roads.

Renault R21 Turbo BRI

The seller wished to define a reserve price.

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