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Autres Fiscale - 2008 (1er avril)

Do you feel it too? After scouring all the ads for old cars, you feel the need to go back to your roots, to go even further in the means of travel of interest. Fortunately the Benzin team has what you need: this horse, Fiscale, is a unique model that will bring you the sensations of your ancestors. Success guaranteed at Cars and Coffee.

Year 2008
Brand Belgian Warmblood Paard
Finish Silky brown.
Owners 1
Configuration Origin
Location Chantilly (60)
Salesman Individual
Visits Yes (come with carrots)
Reserve price No


Fiscale is a horse, or rather a mare, of Belgian origin of 11 years, it is a first hand raised with love by its owner. She has all her papers and a valid technical veterinary control.

cheval fiscal

On the outside, Fiscale has a beautiful brown coat, entirely original, and the seller indicates that there are no scratches or birthmarks. On the head we note the presence of a small white stripe, specific to this "Belgian Warmblood Paard" finish. The ears are said to be perfectly functional and fold back correctly at gallop speed. The eyes are sharp, they detect obstacles and treats. The owner indicates that the teeth are flawless and shows a charming smile in the presence of carrots.

Cheval fiscal

When riding, this mare displays a playful and sporty behavior with good recovery after obstacles. At the trot, the rider will benefit from a very comfortable suspension thanks to Fiscale's muscular legs. The consumption is said to be normal with an average of 40kg of hay per 100 km.

Cheval Fiscal

Fiscale comes with 4 all-season irons, 2 weeks of organic hay, and an Alexandra Lederman 4 PC game.

The saleswoman indicates that Fiscale is equipped with her Critair 0 sticker, and can thus circulate in Paris without restrictions.

Auction information


Auction opening date: Monday, April 1, 08:00
Auction end date: Tuesday, April 2, 20:30

Note: Any new bid placed in the last 2 minutes pushes back the counter of 2 additional minutes ("anti-sniping").

Auction process

A credit card is required to bid although nothing is taken at the time. Bids submitted will be divided by 100 to equal the price to be paid. Example: To bid 1.000 € means to pay 10 €.


At the end of the auction, the winner is automatically taken the price to be paid, equal to his best bid divided by 100 (exclusively for this auction).

The entire amount is donated to an animal protection association of your choice.


Well let's be honest, this mare is very happy where she is, and is therefore not for sale. On the other hand, the winner will leave, in addition to having done a good deed for the animal cause, with a small goodie from the benzin store.

No Surprises Guarantee

For this time, you will sit on it.

Auction information

Auction opening dates: lundi 01 avril 2019 - 08:00
Auction end date: mardi 02 avril 2019 - 20:30

Notes : Any new auction placed in the last 2 minutes pushes the counter by 2 additional minutes ("anti-sniping" system).

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Photo Pack
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