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BMW 535ia e39 - 1998

Quiet strength is how we could describe this BMW. No ostentatious M-pack or aerodynamic appendages: only the blare of the V8 will betray its true nature. This 535 has been completely renovated and documented in video by the Youtuber Smells Like Gasoline. Simply put, if you're looking for a flagship, this is the one for you.

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LocationFrance, Chambery (73)
Reserve PriceYes
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Episode 1 of the restoration:


This 1998 BMW 535ia is of French origin and has 138.000km, a mileage justified by numerous invoices since 2003 while the engine has 165.000km. The current owner, founder of the YouTube channel Smells Like Gasolinehas done many renovations on this car documented and visible on 10 video episodes ici.


On the outside, this 5 series is in very good condition. The gray paint shows no noticeable flaws except for the left lower body showing a dent (visible in the gallery). The headlights are in very good condition. The seller indicates that the car has never been in an accident and the alignments are very good. The car is equipped with the optional power sunroof and Xenon headlights. The seller indicates that the car is rust free.


The interior is in very good condition. The optional grey leather "comfort" upholstery is in very good condition, showing no dents or noticeable sagging. The wood finish dashboard and door panels are also in very good condition. The M-Sport multifunction steering wheel and the gearshift lever do not show any marked patina. The car is equipped with cruise control, electric seats with electric lumbar support, air conditioning, vintage GPS "Professional" and 6CD charger with Hifi "Professional DSP". The seller provides a functional sim card to receive and send text messages from the onboard phone. All the equipments are said to work normally, except the TV which is not compatible with the current digital waves.


The mechanics are in very good condition. The naturally aspirated 3.5l V8 developed 235hp when it left the factory. The original engine being faulty, it has been replaced by another one with 165.000km. The latter was overhauled during the replacement. Thus were replaced: the 8 ignition coils, the spark plugs, all possible joints and hoses (intake, water pump, spi, gearbox, power steering, manifolds, cylinder head cover...), the two catalytic converters, the chain tensioners, the thermostat. The automatic gearbox is also perfectly functional, and drained with strainer replacement. The seller encourages interested parties to consult his videos to see in detail the extent of the work done.


Regarding the ground connection, the owner indicates that absolutely all the elements are new at the front and at the rear: triangles, ball joints, silentblocks, shock absorbers (Bilstein B8) etc... The braking is said to be excellent since 4 Zimmermann drilled discs have been installed, as well as all the brake hoses. The seller indicates that the cardan shafts are also new. The optional two-piece rims are original and have new tires.


The seller is a private individual located in France in Chambéry (7300) and accepts visits during the sale. The seller indicates that he has replaced many other parts all justified on invoice. A technical control will be ironed for the sale.

The seller wished to define a reserve price.

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