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BMW 520i e34 Touring - 1994

Who says you have to drive a minivan if you have a large family? The 5 Series e34 Touring is a nice alternative, because it has all the amenities of a "good MPV": a reliable 6-cylinder engine, road qualities that are still relevant today and a good look. To your bids !

Mileage267,000 km
Motor6 cyl.
Gray cardDutch
LocationNetherlands, Haarlem
DeliveryPossible in addition.
Reserve PriceYes



This 1994 BMW 520i Touring type e34 from Switzerland is a 3rd hand car with 267.000 km, justified by a carnet. The seller states that the car is in good general condition, has a valid Dutch MOT and has had recent and regular service. This e34 belonged from 1996 to 2019 to the grandfather of the seller, his grandson has owned it for only 1 year and brought it from Italy. The carnet of the vehicle is stamped until 2012 because the vehicle was stopped until 2019. It has benefited from significant costs for its return to service in 2019.

BMW 520i e34 Touring à vendre occasion

On the outside the car is in average condition. The paint in its green color has visible defects in the gallery. The plastic strips need to be replaced and there are some scratches. The front lights are in good condition but the rear lights are cracked. The handle seals are dried out and the driver door seal is worn. The seller indicates that the chassis of this e34 is sound but surface corrosion is apparent in the corners of the rear doors, as well as in the upper corner of the trunk. He also states that the car is fully original on the outside.

BMW 520i e34 Touring occasion à vendre

The interior is in good condition and entirely original. The beige upholstery shows some wear but is in good condition. The front passenger seat is slightly untied. The steering wheel is in average condition and the dashboard is in good condition. The headliner is a bit loose in some places. The on-board instrumentation and electrical equipment work normally, except for the speakers in the trunk, the rear window defroster that works only on the upper half, the lumbar adjustment of the seats and the trunk window that opens randomly. The Airbag light is visible during the first 2 minutes. This e34 has air-conditioning (functional), panoramic sunroof, rear view mirrors, clock and thermometer.

BMW 520i e34 Touring occasion à vendre

The 2.0-liter 6-cylinder developed 150 hp when it left the factory. The seller indicates that the mechanics work normally as well as the 5-speed manual transmission. The engine is fully original. The seller has the booklet following the mileage of the car. In 2019 and 262,000kms, it has had the following charges:

- Fuel, oil, air and pollen filters
- Oil change and 6x spark plugs
- Accessory belt
- Radiator and coolant drain
- Differential and gearbox draining
- Hood jacks
- Silentblocks of box
- Flector
- Power steering fluid hose

The seller indicates that the following fees are to be expected:

- Power steering pump (leak, the jar must be filled every 500 km). The liquid leaks on the discs, so the car pulls to the right when braking.
- Front shock absorbers
- Adjustment of the steering box
- Handbrake is to be adjusted

The seller indicates a normal oil consumption (0,5L of oil for 7000kms).

BMW 520i e34 Touring occasion à vendre

The car has its 4 original rims in good condition with old tires (DOT 2006). The car brakes normally but the pedal squeaks. The SLS (Self levelling suspension) system has been removed and the rear shocks replaced by non hydraulic ones. The brake fluid has been changed.

BMW 520i e34 Touring occasion à vendre

The seller is a private individual located in the Netherlands in Haarlem (15 km Amsterdam) and accepts visits during the sale. The car will be sold with its Dutch registration, a Dutch CT of July 2020 (can be viewed on, its booklet and documentation.

BMW 520i e34 Touring occasion à vendre

Note : The seller is French and can pick up the buyer at the station or at the airport if necessary. He offers to accompany the buyer to the "VWE" who will hand over the necessary papers (Kentekenbewijs Deel IA, IB, and export plates valid for 14 days with liability insurance included) for the sum of 100€.

The seller wished to define a reserve price.

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Auction opening dates: mardi 06 octobre 2020 - 08:00
Auction end date: jeudi 15 octobre 2020 - 21:21

Notes : Any new auction placed in the last 2 minutes pushes the counter by 2 additional minutes ("anti-sniping" system).

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