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BMW 325ci e46 - 2002 *No reserve

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Pure Classic. For many, the 3 Series e46 represents the pinnacle of BMW style. And we understand them, which car is able to provide you with a quality engine with a bewitching melody and a playful behavior all usable in everyday life? Often neglected because of its affordability in recent years, this perfectly preserved and rigorously maintained example should get your full attention.

Motor6 cylinder
LocationFrance, Marly-la-Ville (95)
DeliveryPossible in addition.
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History report

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This 2002 BMW 325ci type e46 of French origin is a 5th hand car with 164.500 km, mileage certified by a Histovec report, invoices and its logbook. The seller indicates that the car is in very good general condition, has a valid Technical Inspection and has had recent and regular service. This vehicle has been delivered new to the BMW Montparnasse Paris 15 dealership.

BMW 325ci e46 coupé occasion à vendre se vende for sale te koop zu verkaufen

On the outside, the car is in very good condition. The paint in its grey shade (Titan-silber 354) has only a few visible defects in the gallery. The seller notes among other things a defect on the left rear fender and some slight gravel chips on the hood. The exterior plastics and chrome are in good condition, as are the headlights. Pictures of the undercarriage are available in the gallery.

BMW 325ci e46 coupé occasion à vendre se vende for sale te koop zu verkaufen

The interior is in very good condition. The grey leather upholstery (Montana Grau N6TT) has no tears or holes but shows very slight wear. The steering wheel and dashboard are in very good condition. Many of the interior plastics were replaced as new 2 years ago (plastic seat surround, handbrake console, sliding curtain compartment, upper swivel cover and lower ashtray surround). It has recently benefited from a cleaning and maintenance of the leather (Colourlock products). The on-board instrumentation and electrical equipment are working normally. This car has the following equipment:

- Speed regulator
- Steering wheel control
- Leather sport steering wheel
- Electric Memory Seat
- Automatic air conditioning
- On-board computer
- Radio BMW Business
- 6-CD changer
- White flashing lights
- Battery in the trunk
- Language version French
- French / On-board documentation

BMW 325ci e46 coupé occasion à vendre se vende for sale te koop zu verkaufen

The M54 2.5-liter 6-cylinder engine developed 192 hp when it left the factory. The seller indicates that the mechanics work normally as well as the 5-speed manual transmission. The seller has numerous invoices and the mileage logbook. It has a KN air filter in the original airbox. In February 2022 and at 160,000 km, it had the following charges:

- Engine / gearbox / axle / coolant change
- Candles
- Engine / Cabin Filters / Cleaning and Lubricating Filter KN
- Cylinder head cover gaskets

Previously, she has benefited from the following interviews, among others:

In 07/2021 and 153.762 km

- Valve DISA
- Camshaft sensor (intake and exhaust)

12/2019 and 143,000 km

- Standard service (oil change and filters) at the Autographe (BMW specialist)


- Coolant temperature sensor


- Boitier de thermostat
- Thermostat
- Water pump
- Engine mount
- Cooling hoses

BMW 325ci e46 coupé occasion à vendre se vende for sale te koop zu verkaufen

The car has 4 Style 42 wheels (BBS, 16 inches) in very good condition, shod with recent Hankook Ventus Prime 3 tires (02/2021 and 147.970km). An alignment was done when the tires were replaced. The car brakes normally. The running gear has benefited from the following charges:


- Rear brake pad
- Rear brakes


- 4 Shock absorber cups
- Bilstein B4 shock absorbers
- Front end maintenance kit (right and left)


- Stabilizer bar rods

BMW 325ci e46 coupé occasion à vendre se vende for sale te koop zu verkaufen

The seller is a private individual located in France in Marly-la-ville (95) and accepts visits during the sale. The car will be sold with its French registration, invoices, logbook, a favorable CT of less than 6 months, documentation, triple keys and old CT (all favorable).

BMW 325ci e46 coupé occasion à vendre se vende for sale te koop zu verkaufen

The vehicle is sold without reserve price.

Auction information

Auction opening dates: vendredi 24 juin 2022 - 00:00
Auction end date: dimanche 03 juillet 2022 - 21:04

Notes : Any new auction placed in the last 2 minutes pushes the counter by 2 additional minutes ("anti-sniping" system).


This sale is ended, comments are closed.

Good evening, for what reason was the Disa valve replaced? Thank you.


Good evening, it is known to be potentially faulty on this engine (the M54). So I preferred to replace it at a specialist to avoid a bad surprise! Have a nice evening.


Hello, Do we have the back-up radar on this model? Thank you,


Hello, no it doesn't have the back-up radars. The complete list of options is visible in the gallery. Have a nice day


Thank you very much! Have a nice evening!


Good morning to all, here is the CT passed this morning. It is of course favorable. The remark concerning the lighting of the plate (minor failure) is related to a bulb HS. Good bids.


Hello, are there any fees to be expected on this car?


Hello, the maintenance and consumables are up to date. The last maintenance was in February as described in the ad. Have a nice day.


It looks like a very nice one! To be followed closely. Good change for the auction ;)


That's nice, thanks :)


Hello, the appointment at the CT is taken for Tuesday. No doubt about its positive result, I will add it in the comments. Have a nice day.


Hello to all! I am reluctantly parting with my faithful e46 to make room for the next one to come (a Z4 e85). About this 325ci, it's a very healthy car that has been particularly well maintained by all its owners (the invoices show it). It is a very good daily driver, next to my motorcycle. In departmental / highway use (most of my trips) it is rather economical, we easily go under 8 liters / 100 km. On top of that, in one and a half year of use, it has proven to be very reliable. Don't hesitate to ask me your questions, good bids :)


Not being able to make an appointment via the website I would like to know when you are available for a visit. Thank you


Hello, you can request a visit directly from the ad in the dedicated tab. Have a nice day


Hello anail1 I am available during the week but please go through Benzin for the visit request.


Good evening anail1 Were you able to get organized?


Good evening, I have given up on the idea of an interview. I trust you and Benzin for the accuracy and relevance of the information. Thank you for your interest.


It works. I think I've said it all, but if there's anything you don't understand, don't hesitate ;)


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