Can we bring the Multipla back to life?

This Youtuber tried... We let you judge. par Benzin

Mission accomplished? For our part, we think it gives it a retro-futuristic 80's look and it's not bad. Tell us what you think.

But by the way: Why does the Multipla generate so many reactions?

It's easy. Because he is ugly, very ugly. And this ugliness is such that he has become an internet star, a "meme". At Benzin we are convinced that he will become cool, one day. A bit like the reissues of ugly sneakers from the 80s.

The Avantime has done well for him. Why not the Multipla?


First of all, this man is a holy man.Secondly, the Multipla is not ugly, unlike a Golf 5 or a nuova 500, and it's extremely practical.... unlike a Golf 5 or a nuova 500Tertissimo, I don't know, but that's no reason. Oh yeah, the Stan Smiths aren't ugly either, even if I wouldn't buy them because I prefer New Balance


It's really cool to be able to land with 3 people in the front!


+1 on the future collector, this car has -in its own way- marked the history of the automobile


Soon we will find her in the rap videos of the future ....