The Benzin ads have arrived

If you're used to buying or selling your cars on Benzin.co.uk, then you're already familiar with the auction format and its many advantages. But are you familiar with our new "ad" format? par TeamBenzin

The more attentive among you will surely have spotted this little button next to the "auction" button, but for the less informed, we'll explain everything in detail in this article.

This new format is not intended to replace auctions, but rather to offer an alternative to them. new format more suited to recent premium vehicles.

For the buyer

On the buyer's side, discover verified ads throughout Europe. As with auctions, sellers, whether professional or private, are verified, and their detailed ads comply with the Benzin quality charter. The prices shown have been negotiated in advance by our specialists, and the car is reserved for you as soon as you confirm your purchase. So you can be sure of buying with confidence, at the best price and in any currency from the comfort of your own home.

The car is advertised for 2 weeks exclusively on Benzin. This gives you plenty of time to study the vehicle and think carefully about your potential purchase. You can also ask the seller any questions you may have in the comments section of the ad.

Once your offer has been accepted, you transfer the funds to a secure escrow account and get the seller's contact details to arrange collection within a month. This way, you can manage the details of your import with complete peace of mind: insurance and organization with the seller.

Last but not least, as with our auctions, take advantage of the convenience of our post-purchase services and of course no-surprise guarantee. For further information, our partner service for online registration is there to advise you and help you with your registration. In particular, they can provide you with provisional plates valid for 4 months in Europe, and assist you with the final registration in France. We can also arrange for your vehicle to be repatriated, with or without closed transport.

For the seller

If you're a seller, fill in a classic sales formOur sales team will then redirect you to the most appropriate format for your product: auction or ad.

Your vehicle then goes online for a period of 2 semaines and will be presented to our 100,000 users and verified buyers. Like the auction products, it will benefit from a distribution on networks and in the newsletter. On average, each ad is viewed over 15,000 times in 10 days.

You benefit from the expertise of a specialized platform since 2017 to free you from all the inconveniences of traditional ad sites (indecent negotiations, phantom buyers, merry-go-rounds...) and your buyers benefit from all the Benzin services for the best possible price. good shopping experience (registration, transport...). Payment is made via a secure escrow account, as with conventional auctions.

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