8 French YouTube channels to follow

You are passionate about cars but you are tired of the classic Sunday morning shows? Well, we have 8 solutions! In this top, we present you the best French-speaking YouTube channels that deal with cars in a broad sense. So get to your screens! par Benzin

Written by: @Tom_garm // Instagram


We're not telling you about Vilebrequin because they're squatting on our premises. Really, we swear. From a totally objective point of view, this channel is a treat to follow for those who love cars and humor. It's a great opportunity to (re)learn the basics of mechanics (VulTech), to discover interesting cars or merguez (tests and buying guide) and to follow the incredible adventures of the "MultipAMG". Very heavy stuff!

Smells Like Gasoline

This Youtuber is probably the most courageous of this top. Indeed, the objective of this channel is to buy cars that nobody wants and to restore them. It is therefore the opportunity to discover step by step the refurbishment of many vehicles. Like a series, the different episodes of the restoration of a car become totally addictive.

Garages, cars and rock'n'roll

Everything is in the title. A rather simple but effective program composed of different mechanical tutorials immersed in a fun and Rock'n'roll atmosphere. For those who are looking to improve their mechanical skills or to start repairing, this channel can be very useful.


For the lovers of the little "2saucisses" and the kings of the resourcefulness, this channel will fill you up. Through the various tutorials, tests and vlogs, the 2 protagonists of PDLV make us discover their automotive adventures in a fun and offbeat tone. Moreover, if you are a young student, you will find many tips to improve your car without breaking the bank.


Here, we don't talk about mechanics but rather about news, history and design in a very calm and relaxed tone. So if you want to stay up to date and know everything about the automobile of interest, do not hesitate to follow this channel. It is also recommended to watch Laurent's videos with a herbal tea, for a maximum of relaxation.

Thierry vigneau Woodwork

Forget the Herbal Tea, Lulu and his sidekick Babass, protagonists of this channel, are Hyperactive! Indeed, they stand out by the diversity of the content they propose: Cars, motorcycles, mechanics and even Airsoft are on the menu. All of this is offered to you in a totally offbeat tone and in a "Gitano" atmosphere. Of course, all this is to be taken in the second degree! Sensitive souls should refrain, because the "good old BMW TDS" are not spared.

The gloved driver

"The gloved driver", in French. More seriously, Erwan, author of the channel, is probably the classiest Youtuber of this top. Do you know why? Because he tries Porsche, Ferrari, Alpines, Maserati... with gloves. If you're looking for car reports and informed opinions on cars in a rather classic tone, this channel is there for you.


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LeHangarDuNord ? :D


My Key of 12 ?


il Manque POG GMK Seb delaney


TUUUUUUUUURBOOOOOOOOO, this is the last words of Sylvain Levy


And Akram Ojjeh Junior? For me by far the best of all! If you want to follow a nice guy, simple and funny, follow his insta channel and YouTube nothing to do with the proposals of benzin ... I've been following him for a long time and he's the only YouTuber I can't get enough of! #akramjunior #akram


"nice, simple and fun" yeah yeah especially since he recommends the famous Powerboxes 😉


I must admit that it's disappointing that someone of this stature advertises for shitty products... Especially since, like their colleague GMK, they don't run after money.... congratulations to vilebrequin for not entering the game!


It misses also GLB Gaillard Le Bricoleur y a aussi Fifi & MECANIC


Coupable Detout and its fantastic videogrames are missing!


Bravo for this very nice article. Is it unfair if I "know" almost all these channels without watching them? It's all because Mister watches it all the time and so I'm bathed in car videos.