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Ford Escort Cosworth T25 - 1996

Born for racing, the Ford Escort Cosworth was used for the homologation of the rally model in group A. Unstoppable on dirt as well as on tarmac with its all-wheel drive and its turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, this T25 model is not ready to give up on you thanks to its entirely new mechanics. All you have to do is find a co-driver to go on a special stage.

Motor4 cyl 2.0 Turbo
Powerful227 hp
LocationFrance, St Genis Pouilly (01)
Reserve PriceYes
DeliveryPossible in addition.

Photo credit: Rémi Martin-Grisoni for Benzin // Site



This 1996 Ford Escort T25 Cosworth is a 2nd hand car from France. The car has been driven 111.150 km (5 digit counter currently showing 11.150km), a mileage justified by the condition and the available documentation (complete logbook, all technical controls since the first registration, restoration invoices, photo file).

Ford Escort Cosworth T25

On the outside, this T25 is in excellent condition. The bodywork shows no dents and the original paintwork no scratches. The seller indicates that the car has never been repainted. The car is equipped with its original spoiler and the seller indicates that he also owns the impressive rally spoiler that was an option in the catalog at the time. The optional sunroof is functional and waterproof. The seals and exterior plastics are in excellent condition, showing no discoloration. The headlights are also in excellent condition. The owner indicates that the car has no rust.

Ford Escort Cosworth T25

Inside, the car is in excellent condition and has remained in its original configuration. The optional Recaro leather upholstery shows no scratches or fading. The original carpets and rugs are in very good condition. All the equipment on board is functional including the air conditioning which was recently recharged.

Ford Escort Cosworth T25

Mechanically, the 4 cylinder 2.0 Turbo developed 227hp when it left the factory. All parts have been fully restored by a specialist, 3.000 km ago. A photo file is available. The engine has been opened to be entirely refurbished (new pistons, new hoses, new turbo etc...). The gearbox is also new, with a reinforced AP Racing 6 shoes clutch. The only departure from the original: a complete stainless steel Mongoose line has been installed, the original line (decatalyzed) being supplied.

Ford Escort Cosworth T25

On the ground, the car is currently equipped with 4 Tramont 3-piece rims in excellent condition but the seller indicates that he can reinstall the original rims for the sale by giving up the extra Tramont rims. On the suspension side, the car is equipped with 4 new Bilstein B6 shocks. The braking system has been completely revised, including the change of calipers, discs, brake pads, and aviation hoses. The front discs are grooved group A. The car runs and brakes perfectly without any abnormal noise.

Ford Escort Cosworth T25

The seller is a private individual located in France, in Saint Genis Pouilly (01) and accepts visits during the sale.

The seller wished to define a reserve price.

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My most successful car (on Forza Horizon)!


Holy Zeus Marty, that's a hell of a move! What a magician Cosworth is... and the Garrett that sticks to the seat. It's beautiful!


Oh yes I confirm, she was just asking to send this miss! Quite bluffing Oo


It seems wise in its black dress... but once it reveals itself, you have to be hooked! On the other hand, I think you need a good dose of cold blood once you attack with such a missile on wheels...


OMG OMG OMG come on I have a dozen days to negotiate with madam ;) otherwise he will not be interested in an exchange against a combi by chance? ;)


Come on... a little Cosworth under the tree and we won't talk about it anymore!


What a face... !


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